Ankit Sharma – The rising star of the shipping industry

Shipping has been one of the many reasons that are responsible for successful and profitable relations between the nations in the international market. Recently, the shipping industry has been in high demand. It has seen a surge in profit in the last few years. Ankit Sharma is one of the most promising and prominent shipping leaders and has learned a lot after working in this industry for years.

Ankit Sharma is the CEO and the managing director of KCS Quality Inspections Pvt. Ltd. He did his B. Sc. in Nautical Science from Glasgow College of Nautical Sciences in England and completed his B.E. from Manav Rachna University. In addition, he has a 2nd mate-FG/OOW license issued by the MCA U.K. He has been in charge of executive leadership, industry training, and brand management, as well as developing solid business plans and company objectives for both short and long-term targets.

Ankit has over eight years of experience leading and growing small and medium enterprises and is a goal-oriented CEO who has expanded the company’s sales by more than 250 percent in three years. Under his capable leadership, he has been credited with taking over numerous weak and ineffective departments and turning them into successful and efficient ones. He is one of the best in the company because of his measured risk management skills. It is a leading independent inspection and testing corporation that offers a wide range of services to buyers and suppliers of its products.

Ankit’s company, KCS Group has made its name in the shipping industry because of the efforts and skills of its CEO. KCS has clients from all over the world and from both private and government sectors. This shows that the company is a great asset to the country as it takes all the legal regulations seriously. The company provides a complete inspection of buyer’s and suppliers’ products like minerals, metals, etc. The company’s headquarters is in New Delhi and operates in 8 countries, including India. The other 7 are – Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa. Their workplace has an employee count of more than 3000+.

Their primary goal is to achieve success through client happiness. Moreover, the company is driven solely by the desire to deliver complete client satisfaction, and their definition of success is happy and smiling consumers. Ankit Sharma is a name to be remembered in the shipping industry.
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