BDRY Sets Yet Another All-Time High

The Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (BDRY) increased by 14% this week and closed at another all-time high. Sentiment has continued to drastically improve following the sudden Evergrande-related panic that was seen two weeks ago. As we have continued to discuss in our weekly reports and client updates, actual dry bulk spot market fundamentals have all along remained very strong. The overall spot supply/demand vessel balance remains tight.

Commodore Research & Consultancy focuses on providing accurate analysis on the health of the global economy, national economies, and the commodity and shipping markets. Our work provides non-consensus research and analysis, and often highlights misinformation and flaws in market consensus. We also focus on anticipating events that have not yet occurred. By receiving our updates and reports, clients are able to monitor the health of the global economy, individual economies, commodity supply and demand, and the strength of the commodity shipping market on a close-to-realtime basis. In addition, our work is used to allow clients to be in the best position to capitalize on new and likely upcoming changes in the global economy and various markets.
Source: Commodore Research & Consultancy


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