Delivery of the First Retractable Fin Stabilizer Assembled in China Completed

In July this year, MHI-MME completed the shipment and delivery to China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Weihai) Co., Ltd., of the first retractable fin stabilizer (MR-3) for which assembly and operational construction were carried out in China.

Key components such as the fin, hydraulic unit, mechanical apparatus, and control assembly, which had been manufactured in Japan, were assembled to the fin box manufactured in China. The assembly and operational construction prior to shipment were handled by Jiangsu Masada Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. , our partner (licensee) in China for MHI-MME steering gear. We used the good relationship that we had forged with them to establish a new scheme for producing fin stabilizers in China.

Fin stabilizer assembly operation scene

Fin stabilizer assembly operation scene

The establishment of a new production base for retractable fin stabilizers in China, in addition to our existing production base in Japan, will enable us to strengthen our retractable fin stabilizer sales negotiations for ROPAX, RORO, and other vessels manufactured by overseas shipyards, not only in China but also in Europe and elsewhere. Furthermore, we will also lead this move to sales promotions for large size fin stabilizers and the expansion of sales going forward.
Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


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