King Abdullah Port Ranked Second Most Efficient Container Port Globally By The World Bank

King Abdullah Port has been ranked second among the most efficient container ports in the world, according to the Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) for the year 2020 published by The World Bank and IHS Markit. The report, which is the first of its kind that scores ports against different metrics, is based on total port hours per ship call, standardized for different ship sizes and container moves per call.

King Abdullah Port’s prominent position in CPPI 2020 recognizes the quality and efficiency of its infrastructure and its contributions to Saudi Arabia’s growth strategy and the Kingdom’s growing importance as a global trade hub. The recognition also demonstrates the port’s continuous progress in accordance with its long-term strategic plans and objectives, embodying the motto ‘Sailing Toward the Vision’ launched during its official inauguration in 2019, which was attended by HRH Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

Commenting on the achievement, Jay New, Chief Executive Officer of King Abdullah Port, said: “We are proud of King Abdullah Port’s consistently high performance in various global rankings and indices, highlighting our growing operational capabilities as well as our extraordinary resilience amid the current challenges of the global economy. With each new recognition at the global level, we continue to deliver on our commitment to raising the efficiency of Saudi Arabia’s logistics and trade sectors, transforming the Kingdom into a top global hub connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa, and increasing its non-oil exports, in line with the Vision 2030 objectives. Furthermore, King Abdullah Port’s continued milestone underlines the success of the public-private partnership model, considering that we are partnered with over 17 government agencies while being fully managed and operated by the private sector.”

East Asian ports dominated the top positions, led by Yokohama in Japan, ahead of King Abdullah port by a slight difference, and Qingdao in China in the third place. Algeciras in Spain is the highest ranked European port, in 10th place. Colombo in Sri Lanka is the top-ranked port in South Asia at 17th place and Mexico’s Lazaro Cardenas leads the Americas at 25th. Canada’s Halifax is the only other North American port in the Top 50. Djibouti, in 61st place, is the top-ranked African port.

King Abdullah Port has been actively contributing to the post-COVID-19 resurgence of the Saudi Arabian economy through its enhanced operational efficiency, digital initiatives, realigned working practices and procedures, and proactive health and safety protocols. It played a central role in ensuring the smooth flow of various goods to the Kingdom’s vital economic sectors during the pandemic period. It also facilitated the smooth movement of raw materials and essential goods even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, by ensuring uninterrupted round-the-clock operations and launching smart processes for safe and easy operations. As a result, the port was able to achieve impressive growth and success amid the challenges besides further strengthening the Kingdom’s trade and logistics sectors.

Owned by the Ports Development Company, King Abdullah Port is the region’s first port to be owned, developed, and operated by the private sector. Listed as one of the fastest-growing container ports, the port emerged as one of the world’s top 100 ports within four years of operation. With its strategic location in King Abdullah Economic City – a modern city with a pro-business ecosystem and infrastructure – King Abdullah Port leverages the city’s advanced facilities and services, particularly the Industrial Valley, which has attracted many logistics projects as well as light and medium industries.
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