Kongsberg Digital adds Zegeba service to Kognifai Marketplace

Kongsberg Digital has signed a partnership agreement with Zegeba, a software company offering a digitalised service for manual documentation processes in the maritime industry. By adding Zegeba to the Kognifai Marketplace, Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight subscribers can easily access the service and streamline documentation data flow at sea and on land.

The Zegeba platform provides companies with features to facilitate and streamline the transition from manual work processes using paper forms and single files to a fully digital work experience. The solution is generic and flexible, so that users gain both the operational benefit of an optimised digital workspace as well as easier data handling and processing. Workflows replace manual steps in both receiving and sending data between people or applications.

Zegeba is easy to configure, does not require any programming to get started, and can be used as a standalone solution or connected to other applications via APIs or plug-ins to create optimised solutions. Companies can create templates and reports that meet their needs, helping to avoid time-consuming and costly digitalisation and software development projects.

Vessel Insight infrastructure

Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight data infrastructure solution collects and contextualises data from vessels, making it available to applications such as Zegeba. These applications are distributed via the Kognifai Marketplace, creating a network of partnerships that provides access to a range of tools that can be utilised by Vessel Insight subscribers to become more sustainable and gain a competitive edge. The Kongsberg Digital Customer Success Team assists Vessel Insight subscribers wishing to adopt these applications.

“Operational efficiency improvements are key drivers in the maritime industry. Electronic data exchange between ship and shore needs further digitalisation to ensure fast and secure exchange of data and information, and Zegeba is facilitating exactly this. Digital workflow is an important step towards standardised reporting in the industry, which will take shipping into a new era of efficient and transparent operations,” said Eirik Næsje, senior vice president of Vessel Insight, KDI.

Benefits of Zegeba

Zegeba is used to optimise core business processes and has a major impact on many aspects of business operations. For example:

  • More efficient tools and better documentation processes reduce time-consuming manual steps and allow employees spend less time performing tasks
  • Time savings and streamlined work processes reduce costs
  • Access and insight into data provides increased overview and control, helping to prevent delays and costly mission-critical errors
  • Improved customer invoicing reduces manual work

Zegeba’s software is priced based on the number of users or units, not on upfront purchase, helping to achieve savings and value increases from day one. Depending on how a company uses Zegeba’s features, the changes delivered may lead to a direct increase in revenue.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the availability of Zegeba through the Kognifai Marketplace, and we believe this collaboration will further spark the transition to fully digital work tools in the maritime industry,” said Line Skarmyr, COO of Zegeba. “There are great synergies in connecting Zegeba with Vessel Insight and we look forward to exciting projects to promote our common solution. This collaboration will contribute to increasing the value of our customers’ services and empowering them to reach their goals, whether it is more competitiveness, increased revenue or becoming a more sustainable business.”

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