Kongsberg secures DNV class D certification for cloud-based simulator solutions

Kongsberg Digital’s (KDI) K-Sim Engine, K-Sim Cargo and K-Sim Navigation simulator training solutions will be the first to attain certification according to the new DNV class D standard.

The introduction of class D by the classification society represents the latest revision of DNV’s ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems standard, which has been brought in to certify compliant cloud-based solutions that possess all the functionality for remote learning programs. Developed as a cross-industry initiative with input from simulator suppliers and end-users, the Class D standard officially verifies that seafarers’ existing certificates can be renewed in line with existing STCW requirements, as well as confirming that new trainees can be educated to the correct level.

KDI’s ability to supply maritime training institutions with access to a broad range of cloud-based simulator models and pre-existing exercises has proved indispensable; and the fact that KDI’s K-Sim Navigation, Engine and Cargo simulators are the first remote learning solutions to attain Class D certification testifies to the quality of service these simulation tools provide.

“Class D signifies that remote simulation can be conducted to the same standard as classroom-based,” said Captain Aksel David Nordholm, simulator certification specialist in DNV SeaSkill. “It’s a reassurance to trainees and employers alike, and we’re pleased to confirm that Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim Navigation, Cargo and Engine simulators are the first beneficiaries of this certification.”

“We’re very proud to have provided such a fundamental aid to maritime training institutes, despite the challenging circumstances posed by the pandemic,” commented Andreas Jagtøyen, digital ocean EVP, Kongsberg Digital. “The possibility to conduct remote training courses holds significant advantages for both the training centres and their students, and an official approval of our cloud-based simulator technology, in the shape of Class D certification, underlines the value contributed by this service in the recent months. We strongly believe this will be an integral part of maritime training in the future.”

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