Korean Shipbuilding Equipment Supplier YGM Advances Into Global Market

YGM Co., Ltd, a Korean company specialized in shipbuilding equipment, is entering the global market.

YGM develops various bulletproof plating applications to supply its bulletproof plates for special mobile ships to the Coast Guard. YGM is also developing bulletproof mobile smart posts equipped with drone stations to keep pace with the global demand.

YGM boasts superior technology in the bulletproof industry as its bulletproof plate, developed through extensive testing, obtained seven patents. Based on its ship bulletproofing technology, new products are being developed reflecting multi-use requirements, such as fixed and mobile smart bulletproof posts, surveillance posts, and guard posts.

Shipbuilding is a comprehensive and strategic industry that provides other various industries such as water transportation, marine resource development, and national defense with the technical equipment. The countries leading the global shipbuilding industry are currently promoting to be positioned as maritime powerhouses through the transition to smart ship manufacturing.

According to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the volume of shipbuilding completion in Korea, China, and Japan currently accounts for nearly 90% of the global industry. Especially, Korea has secured international competitiveness in terms of technological capability, high value-added advanced ship manufacturing, and core support industries.

YGM CEO Lee Yong-gwan said, “As continuous technology development for high value-added ship types is expected, the export of shipbuilding equipment and products will also increase. To realize it, we will continue our vigorous research and development activities in the related fields.”

Advancing into the global market, YGM plans to be a global leader in the field of bulletproof plates and smart posts for special ships.
Source: YGM Co., Ltd

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