Spire Global expands maritime weather solutions portfolio

Spire Global has expanded its maritime weather solutions portfolio, adding 10 years of historical weather data from across the entire planet. This move will enable Spire to provide more accurate and reliable insights on open ocean weather data.

Historical data is vital for understanding weather patterns, planning future voyages, retroactive investigations, and daily marine activities worldwide.

Spire’s historical data, like its forecast data, is gridded with 12km resolution, which allows customers to get weather data in uniform resolution. This historical weather data is actionable and accurate to create AI driven models with a 1:1 match of forecast data sets. Users can not only explain past performance, but also assess future performance for every location around the globe.

“Open ocean forecasts used to be laden with errors, but now thanks to radio occultation technology, forecasts are far more accurate,” said Simon van den Dries, general manager of Spire Maritime.

Spire’s Maritime Weather team is also launching six new industry-focused solutions combining historical and forecast variables customised for business needs and providing data specific to the customer segment use case. These new data solutions are centred around shipping and logistics, ports and terminals, finance and insurance, oil and gas, government and security, and the environment.

“Spire takes a customer-first approach and after analysing the challenges the maritime industry tackled in 2020, we knew the time was right to create industry-specific data solutions using real-time and historical weather,” said Mr van den Dries. “The operational usage-based set of attributes highlights exactly what each customer needs and creates a smart collection of data that is tailor-made for the challenges each industry faces. It helps eliminate scattered weather attributes and supports what customers need from a maritime perspective.”

As of January 2021, Spire Global has over 100 satellites in orbit that are collecting millions of messages per day. Spire will continue to provide more data and insights to provide more accurate and actionable weather forecasts for the maritime industry.

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