SWM to Generate Carbon Credits, Explores platform to offer carbon credits to charterers

As the 194 signatories of the Paris Climate Accord develop their plan to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, the world of shipping is being further pressed to adopt serious measures. With this goal in mind, Monte Carlo-based Sea World Management has embraced the challenge on two different fronts, both aimed at achieving a balance between the GHG emitted and GHG removed. Sea World Management is already working with its many customers to meet obligations of the Sea Cargo Charter and has joined with an environmental solutions consulting group to supervise all future dry dock works of the fleet.

The goal of the first project is to expand its knowledge and to maximize efficiencies on board as well as to potentially generate carbon credit offsets. The second project being explored is to establish a carbon credit platform where their customers can access the voluntary credit market to match freight commitments. “We understand the industry is changing, and we must be willing to change with it and take a direction on this critical issue,” stated Roberto Corvetta, CEO of Sea World Management. “This is an effort in which an owner/operator can participate by making meaningful, cost-effective improvements to everyone’s benefit,” adds Jonathan Koren, head of projects.
Source: Sea World Management


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