The Liberian Registry Approves SQlearn On-Line Courses

The Liberian Registry has been continuing its cooperation with SQLearn, a specialized provider of e-learning services.

In April the Registry approved on-line training courses for the seafarers consisting of the Dolphin Library that includes over 60 training modules. The Registry supports innovative resources opening doors to many seafarers to advance their careers and polish their skills.

This month the Registry proceeded with approval of STCW Basic Training courses (consisting of 5 modules) which offer a new experience in the field of maritime training. In the light of COVID-19 restrictions and ongoing difficulties the seafarers are encountering such as restricted travelling, access to educational on-site facilities, this ability to access educational resources remotely is of high importance. We welcome opportunities allowing the seafarers to follow their career paths in parallel with upgrading their skills and qualifications and continuous education being anywhere in the world, onshore or onboard.

Seafarers are welcome to visit for any updates on the ways to get their certificates as well as to review the list of training centers and courses being approved so that they can plan and pursue their carrier growth.

The Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), is the administrator of the Liberian Registry with a fleet of over 4,700 vessels and 200 million gross tons, the Liberian Registry is the world’s second largest registry and represents 12% of the world’s ocean-going fleet. Liberia is recognized at the top of every industry “white-list” including the International Maritime Organization and the major Port State Control authorities such as the Paris and Tokyo MOU regimes.
Source: The Liberian Registry

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