Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, September 28 2021

Tanker:  Mid-age LR1s have firmed slightly.

Aframaxes Bunga Kelana 7 and Bunga Kelana 8 (105,200 DWT, Jan & Mar 2004, Samsung) sold in an en bloc deal for USD 26.60 mil, VV en bloc value USD 24.53 mil – DD Due.

MR2 Ocean Mars (50,300 DWT, May 2007, SLS) sold to Greek buyers for USD 9.00 mil, VV value USD 9.86 mil – At Auction.

Bulker:  Panamax values have firmed.

Panamax Elinda Mare (79,600 DWT, Dec 2010, New Century) sold for USD 20.00 mil, VV value USD 19.11 mil – BWTS fitted.

Panamax Sea Vision (77,200 DWT, Jan 2015, Imabari) sold to Greek buyers for USD 30.50 mil, VV value USD 29.34 mil – BWTS fitted.

Panamax Palais (75,400 DWT, Jan 2014, Jiangsu Rongsheng) sold to Chinese buyers for USD 23.30 mil, VV value USD 22.16 mil – BWTS fitted.

Ultramax Sailing Sky (61,300 DWT, Jun 2014, Shin Kasado Dock) sold to Vietnamese buyers for USD 27.60 mil, VV value USD 28.98 mil – BWTS fitted.

Supramaxes Million Bell (58,700 DWT, Oct 2012, Kawasaki) and Glad Mark (58,600 DWT, Jul 2012, Kawasaki) sold in an en bloc deal for USD 45.00 mil, VV value USD 47.99 mil – Forward Dely.

Supramax Gutian Loyal (52,700 DWT, Nov 2004, Oshima) sold for USD 13.80 mil, VV value USD 14.26 mil – BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Cielo Di Gaspesie (36,700 DWT, Jul 2012, Hyundai Mipo) sold for USD 19.10 mil, VV value USD 20.76 mil – BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Ocean Rider (34,300 DWT, Oct 2009, Shinhan) sold for USD 14.10 mil, VV value USD 14.74 mil – BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Cactus K (31,900 DWT, Jun 2011, Hakodate Dock) sold to Greek buyers for USD 16.80 mil, VV value USD 16.52 mil – SS/DD Passed, BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Golden Daisy (28,400 DWT, May 2014, I-S) sold to Singaporean buyers for USD 16.50 mil, VV value USD 17.02 mil – BWTS fitted.

Container:  Post Panamax values have firmed.

Post Panamax Cape Chronos (6,900 TEU, Hanjin Subic, Jun 2015) sold to Oman Shipping Co SAOC for USD 132.00 mil, VV value USD 124.32 mil – Prompt delivery, BWTS fitted.

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