Wilson Sons performs the largest transshipment operation in Rio Grande Container Terminal

Wilson Sons achieved a new record at Rio Grande Container Terminal (South Brazil). On May 12, the company completed the largest transshipment operation at the container terminal in the port of Rio Grande with the container ships CSAV Trancura and Skyros, both owned by Hapag Lloyd. There were 7,833 transshipment movements.

The operation took place to reposition empty containers between Brazil and ten other countries (Netherlands, England, Portugal, Germany, France, Russia, India, Israel, Turkey and Senegal). Skyros went to Singapore, in Asia, and CSAV Trancura was incorporated into the maritime service of the Brazil-Europe route. The last record in transshipment was registered at Rio Grande Container Terminal in June 2012, with the container ship Leblon, of the company Aliança, when the transfer of 2,763 containers was made.

The two ships also had export and import handling, with a total of 4,271 movements in Skyros and 4,324 movements in CSAV Trancura, both reached record handling in a single operation since the beginning of Rio Grande Container Terminal’s activities. The two operations took place simultaneously, using up to four STS (Super Post-Panamax) cranes on each ship.

With more than 20 years, Rio Grande Container Terminal is one of the most important container terminals in Latin America. It operates the main shipping lines that call the country and serves around three thousand importers and exporters. It has the capacity to operate the largest ships that sail the world and has an official draft of 15 meters.
Source: Wilson Sons

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