ZeroNorth and Youredi team up to improve data integration

Maritime tech company ZeroNorth has partnered with supply chain and logistics data connectivity provider Youredi to optimise shipping operations and minimise emissions through more effective data integration.

Youredi, which has experience in harmonising supply chain and logistics messaging, will help ZeroNorth to integrate multiple customers concurrently as it scales up. Youredi’s managed iPaaS technology and services will help ZeroNorth extend its resources handling and manage complicated and labour-intensive integration projects. This will enable ZeroNorth to channel focus on developing its platform and services and scaling its business according to the strategy.

Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi, said: “We are very excited and proud to work closely with ZeroNorth, providing our supply chain and logistics data connectivity platform and service to them. We are confident that Youredi’s capabilities in transforming potentially complex data and transmitting it through any protocols and networks will help ZeroNorth speed up their customer onboarding process. This cooperation is a perfect example of logistics industry digitalisation where parties have their own expertise areas and proven track records. Together, our expertise will sum up to spectacular results.”

Bo Kristensen, CTO of ZeroNorth, said: “Since the beginning, our intention has always been to streamline the process of logistics, making it simple for both our customers and service providers to transact within our platform. Partnering with Youredi solution helps support our integration efficiency and our ambitious growth plans.”

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